Women Are Materialistic

I’m sittin in 5th period right now with nothing better to do, and i realized i haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d talk about women. Yeah, you, ladies. I swear if I wasn’t straighter than an architects line I’d be done with ya. I recently had an “epiphany” if you will, and realized something: Women aren’t attracted to men, really, the physical appearance of a guy is basicaly unimportant unless the guy is extremely ugly, or extremely good looking. what women like are things like who the guy’s friends are, how he dresses, what sort of exciting or fun things the guy does, so an and so forth. How much he smiles, how connected he is, i could go on and on for days.

Now me being a guy, I tend to fall in love with more physical things, and I don’t mean butts and boobs, I mean the way a girl smiles at you, the way she laughs, the way her hands feel when you touch them, the way she walks, how her eyes light up when she sees you or you say something that makes her happy, a million little things. Oh, and butts and boobs haha… And yes a huge part of my attraction is based on who the girl is on the inside, but it’s the physical things that sort of provide a solid foundation and building material that forms into a solid structure of deep emotion and caring.

I’m not blind as to what’s considered good looking, and to the standards currently laid out as to what’s considered “hot”, I’m a pretty good lookin’ guy. I don’t think I’m ALL THAT or anything, just from hearing countless girls say the same things over and over I’d think it’s fair to assume that I have nice eyes, a good lookin body, nice smile, and an awesome personality. Notice in there I didn’t hear ANY girl say, “you’re friends with Chris, you wear Abercrombie, you’re a lifeguard, and you can get me into the Idaho Center for free.” But, like I said in the first paragraph, in my opinion, it’s what mostly makes a guy dateable, if I was very average looking the girl would bring up my clothes, my friends, my occupation, blah blah blah… which further iiterates my point that unless you’re good looking or ugly, looks don’t matter.

We have a word for guys who do that kinda stuff: Douchebags. And I think you know what I’m talking about. The guys that date women generations older than them just because they’re rich, or famous, or connected or whatever else. My brother’s 22 and he dated a 45 year old for a while, yeah, I know it’s gross. He did it because she was rich. She bought him clothes, jewelry, watches, plasma screen TV’s, and as soon as she bought him a brand new car, he dumped her like she was never anything to him. Those of you reading this are probably looking on this in terror as to how cold and heartless my brother seems, but you ladies know that most of you do it too, if a guy didn’t have anything going for him, you wouldn’t stay with him just because you love the way the guy looks at you, or because he has a nice smile. You’d dump him cuz he’s a loser. And of course there are good people of both genders, some women who love a guy for exactly what he is and nothing more, and men who love women for the same reasons. Couples like that are the ones that end up being married for 60 years, and dying with each other, love, a facet of their everyday lives.

So I don’t think women should look at JUST the material things about a guy, I think people should just see people for the kind of people they are, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, it’s alot easier said than done, and I doubt anything’s ever going to change, because let’s face it: Women are better looking than men. Women probably need a little more than just looks to put the idea of sleeping with a man in their head, but as a man, I wouldn’t know. I’m just stating what I see as a man who can only see things from a mans point of view having never been a woman.


~ by jasonmelone on April 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Women Are Materialistic”

  1. even though im a girl and most girls would probably dissagree with what your saying. i would have to say that your perfectly corect. however, i am proud to say im am part of the small percentage that sees a guy for what he really is – nothing he owns, not what he wears, not what he can afford but his personality and if he makes me smile both inside and out is what matters most.

    physical attraction does matter to me also, of course. BUT im not one of those people who care how hot others think my bf is. if im attracted to him – thats all that really counts.

    i think it is very pethetic how many of my friends or women i know go for the men with money or nice cars. i would like to ask each and everyone of them this question…why are they wasting their lives trying to gain as much materialistic items out of people they dont love, when they could be spending that time with their future husband or people they actually have things in common with? in the long run where do they want to end up?

    anyways i think your blogs are amazing and so much of the stuff you have written – i have thought about but never said them aloud. so good effort.

  2. My experience has been that women first look at a mans job and education (more education=more money). Once you fit that particular bill she can then focus more on your personality. That is generally why one of the first questions asked upon meeting a stranger is “So what do you do”? That one question will most likely give her a close estimate of your education and income.

    I hear many women stating that they “deserve” their equal and nothing less. I had a female friend (a nurse) who said that all the time when we would hang out. She eventually married a physician at her place of employment. How is a doctor equal to a nurse? She constantly turned down men with less than 4-year degrees, so I assumed that “equal” was also based on education. What I realized, eventually, was that when she said “equal” she really meant better. Women deny this left and right, but can rarely provide proof of couples in which the husband has less of an education and/or salary than his wife.

    Men, on the other hand, are generally unable to marry/date their equal. This is why many men remain single their entire lives. I am in the same boat. I do not want to settle. I also understand how the real world functions. Remember the movie Lady And The Tramp? That logic does not apply outside of a Disney vhs/dvd. I am aware that I may always be alone. I have grown accustomed and am now tolerant to the lifestyle. It’s too frustrating hearing women say one thing and contradict it with their actions. A female relative of mine would often tell me that women are not after your money, but went on to marry a man who earns over 110k a year. On top of that, she was and is still unemployed.

    All I have to say on the matter is this: It must be nice to be a woman. The option to marry up for a more comfortable life (all of us want comfort and security). Having to do nothing while men flock to you. Living about 10 years longer (on average) then men. Having to work less physically demanding jobs (coincidence that almost every secretary is female?). Demanding equality while telling your friends what a jerk your date was because he expected you to split the bill. Yeah, women have it really tough.

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